Functions of UDRTI

Functions of UDRTI

The UDRTI has been extending its services in the following methods.

Training programmes to the employees of various Urban Local Bodies, Amenity-providers of the City / Town.

Consulting services by conducting comprhensives Market Surveys, other Surveys preparing analytical data reports DPRs and ADPs.

The UDRTI has been offering a Training Module on the subject “Effective Urban Goverence with increase in Muncipal Revenue ” to the employees of various Urban Local Bodies that are located across the country. So far, our Research Institutes has conducted such kind of Training Programmes in about 75 ULB's of India and abroad some few of them are shown in the ANNEXURE placed hereunder. The Unique feature of our Training Programme is that it approaches the host ULB’S location for extending the Training Programme to its about 200+ gross- root level employees who are working in the departments of

  • Town Planning
  • Public Health
  • Engineering and
  • HR, Administration & Accounts.
  • Basically, Our Training Programme focuses on the following 3 important aspects of the Urban Development & Management
  • Enriching the ULB with Capacity Building Programme and Skill Development Programmesof the Employees through Unique and innovative recovery methods of Tax & Non-Tax dues from the Citizen-Assesses.
  • Developing CAREER-MOTIVATION among the employees so as to enable them in doing justice to their jobs.
  • Developing the concept of “Sense of Belongingness” among the CITIZENS so as to enable them in paying attention towards the development of Society and Civic Organizatoin.

For the said purpose, ther UDRTI CORE-TEAM consisting (i) Director (ii) 4 Sr.Faculties (iii) Manager (iv) Secretary to Director shall be reaching the HOST ULB about 3 days in advance for interaction with the employees of various functioning departments of the ULB, for the purpose of conducting (i) FIELD STUDIES, (II) Examination of records and (iii) Detail study of the Municipal Structured properties (Buildings,Commercial complexes) And Vacant Land Sites. 1 Day for study of the existing situation, and Preparation of the requisite power point programme (PPP) and 2 Days for conducting the detail workshop from 10 am to 5 pm, on about 4 subjects.

While UDRTI’s professional Training Programme fee amount is of Rs.1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only ) for the entire 3 days exercise, Which will be payable from the ULB side, it is on the part of the host ULB to provide necessary accommodation in a Guest House for UDRTI core-team members. The UDRTI shall also be submitting a comprehensives Training Programme Report consisting its recommendations to the ULB after completion of the Training Programme. The fee amount is payable through Demand Draft at the end of the Training Programme to the Director, UDRTI.



has conducted one day Workshops in the urban local bodies of the following states

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Delhi


  • Sr.Faculty - 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Manager
  • Secretary to Director / Founder
  • Secretary-1 to Sr.Faculty -2
  • Secretary-2 to Sr.Faculty -2